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“neu” Spiritual Awakening


Neu Guru



Through these series of articles, I will try to provide answers to some of the questions that you have been searching for.

The information that I am sharing is something borne out of our personal experience and there may be synchronicity with other spiritual teachings that you may have come across.

And yet, what I express here is what my soul shared with me during my awakening.

Whether to accept the path I have discovered and make it your own is your choice but I would caution you that you can take only one path to your destination.

If you are already on another spiritual path or following other religious or spiritual practices then I would not encourage you to take this journey.

As taking two different paths may confuse you and create self-doubt about one over another.

Whichever path you take, you need to focus on the particular path and pursue it only if it agrees with your soul. During the journey if you feel lost or confused or suffer from self-doubt, I can help you remove such confusion and doubts and guide you further. Honesty is the key to any spiritual experience.

Some of the questions that I asked in the beginning, I have been searching for the answers to the very same questions and ever since I started living the Neu life things are becoming crystal clear.

And I am sure if you follow the knowledge shared here and the teachings and training from me, everything will be transparent and you will also feel comfort and happiness in your life journey and shift your soul to a higher dimension.

During the journey I was tested for my integrity and confidence in my understanding of my soul and its power and energy. And sometimes one may fail and fall but you are not alone here and I will help you get up and walk again by sharing my own energy with you.

You have just arrived at the entrance of the Neu world. Take a deep breath and relax. You will soon learn to silence your mind and connect to your soul whom I will henceforth refer to as the “Neu”.

Always being helpful to others and spending time for others is a way of Neu Life.

1. Introduction

Are you Afraid!

Has fear gripped your life and you are always afraid of the negative energies that surround you? Afraid, that there is no choice and you are no longer free to live your life the way you want to. Afraid, of the past that haunts you be itself inflicted or by others!

Are you at a crossroad!

You have lived a wonderful life but there is no inner peace! You are wondering who you are and what am I doing on this planet? What is my true path, my mission in life! Have I done enough?

Do you feel lost!

Having travelled all this way through life, do you feel lost? That you are going around in a circle and ending up at the same point in life! You have followed the rules laid down by others and your beliefs and yet your life has been a roller coaster full of ups and downs. You have not reached your destination!

You are Happy but Unaware!

You have everything that you wished for. Life has been good to you. A fabulous Job, A Happy Family and Financial freedom. But you feel this is all a mirage so unreal. The happiness has come at a price and at a cost to the happiness of others! At the cost of their freedom. You had not looked beyond yourself and your family and closed your eyes to the suffering of others around you!

The Wakeup Call!

And now I know the Universe is calling me through my inner spirit. To Wake up. To Arise. To Feel. To Love. To Empathize. To Share. To Live. To Care. To Start. Start a new life! A neu Life. Be a child again and start to understand the true meaning of your existence. Toawaken your inner spirit and to connect with others and start living in perfect harmony.

Ready to Jump!

You cannot walk now. You cannot run. You have to Jump. Take the leap of faith that we are all connected. And that, it is your destiny to be of service not only to yourself, but to entire humanity. And that is possible if you take the right path, start the neu life.

Pure and Neu

The Neu is your inner spirit, your soul that has so far been unconscious. Like the Lotus flower that is so full of purity surrounded by dark water and yet it stands apart. In the ocean of life, you will have to rise above the darkness allow all the positive energies get drawn to you. Your neu has now awakened and become fully conscious, ready for the next step.

Meditate and Focus

So far you have lived in chaos. The drum beats of life has drowned the humming of your inner spirit. The only way to feel the beats of your inner spirit is through meditation in silence. Silence of the mind, Silence of Life. Silence of Energy. In complete silence you will be able to meditate in perfection, focus on the steps you need to take to first awaken your inner spirit and then fill it with energy.

The Basics


My aim is to put everything in simple words and not bombard you with complicated theories and theology.

In this page you will learn about the basic theory behind Neu Spirituality. It is pure science and has nothing to do with religion or anything supernatural.

First, everything that we see, hear or feel and that we cannot see, hear or feel is pure Energy.

Second, there are three types of energies. Positive, Negative and Neutral Energy.

Third, everything that we see, hear and feel is part of “Physical Reality” also called as “Maya” by eastern religions.

Fourth, the “Physical Reality” is an illusion created by our consciousness which is manifested during our birth as a human being when a soul enters the “Physical Dimension”.

Fifth, the soul is an energy particle similar to the particle called as “Neutrino” and on which scientists are spending billions of dollars in research.

Sixth, you are not the human body but the energy particle we commonly refer to as the soul and thus you are an immortal being. Also referred to as the “Neu” henceforth.

Seventh, except for the “neu” everything else is “nothing”. There are however forms and manifestation of positive and negative energies. Some call it God, others angels and then there are Ghosts, Spirits and the Devil all of which form an illusion that affect the human body and the mind. These positive and negative energies keep the “neu” trapped in the physical dimensions.

Eighth, Neu Spirituality is about focusing on Neutral Energy and raising the vibration of the neu enabling it to shift to higher dimensions and finally remove it from the entrapment of Physical Dimension. Once free, the neu becomes a “Neu Spirit” and thereon does not need to be embedded in physical reality to experience consciousness. It returns back to its pure neutral energy form and can then be anything and be anywhere in any physical dimension. Which is basically you become “God-like”.

Ninth, Neu Energy Meditation enables the neu to experience freedom temporarily from the human body and engage in soul to soul communication or soul travel through different physical dimensions across the superverse.

Well this is certainly a lot to digest for the moment but read every sentence and try to understand and absorb it clearly.

There is more detailed information on all of this in other pages under the resources section. But for now all you need to know is that you are what your soul or neu is and trapped in the physical dimension by positive or negative energies and by leading a neu spiritual life, you can exit the Matrix.

And the knowledge and training you receive from us will enable you to achieve this final objective. It all depends on if you are ready to take the plunge. If you want to live a surreal life inside the Matrix, then you may not want to continue further on this path.

The goal of neu spirituality is not just to provide you with wealth, power and amazing experiences in the physical dimension but to get away from all of this and return your neu to its original neu spirit – pure energy form.

The learning and training you receive can either help your life in the physical dimension as a mortal entity or you can go one step further and attain freedom from the entrapment of it all.

Awakening your Neu!


Wake Up!  Just as you wake up to go to office or school or have an important date to keep, it is important you wake up yourself and by this we mean awakening your “neu” from deep slumber.

The first time you were awake was when you were born in the womb and then as your came out of the womb you gradually started sleeping and disconnecting yourself from the mind.

Then the mind took over your body allowing positive and negative energies to influence your every action and thought.

It is not that the mind is wrong or evil. It is just that the mind can be manipulated by circumstances and what you are taught at home, school, college or at work.  Or by religion and information on the Internet and through other people and books and other forms of tools used for mind washing.

Yes, some call it “Brain Washing” but it is the same. Your entire life is built on what the mind is taught and you do not even realize that you are accumulating either positive energy or negative energy.

Now you may wonder what is wrong with accumulating positive energy. Right. There is nothing wrong with that.

But positive energy such as “love”, “Money”, “Power” can also give rise to negative energy such as “hate”, “ego” and “Anger”. And thus the human experience gets becomes a mouse trap for the soul making you feel miserable inside though outside everything seems so lovely and fine.

Then our mind takes refuge in religion and God and tries to get rid of the negativity but that requires us to be ideally positive and which we cannot and it offers only temporary relief through our prayers.  Eventually the negativity we engage in catches up with us and by the end of them mortal existence, we have accumulated enough negative energy that makes our next conscious existence in a new dimension worse than the present one.

And if at all one has been only accumulating positive energy then yes, the next conscious existence will be positive as al what eastern religions call as “Karma”.

But you keep circling the physical dimension endlessly sometime in a positive one and sometimes in a negative one.

Is this what you want? If everyone accumulated positive energy then there would never have been so much evil and negativity in our current dimension. Why do people keep suffering, killing each other, spreading hate and anger, and pursuing a rat race to accumulate as much wealth as they can as if they are going to take it all in the next one?

Or here is the alternative. Remove all the negative energies surrounding you and you may keep the positive energies and continue to live a neutral life. Which means no more negativity? Yes, this may not help you become the richest man or woman in your town or country or the world or famous and powerful but you will definitely attract more positive and neutral people in your life an repel those who are negative.

By the end of your mortal existence, give up all the positive energies and turn yourself into completely neutral form and shift your soul to a higher spiritual dimension.

A “Spiritual Dimension” is not the same as the “Physical dimension”. The spiritual dimension relate to the energy level of your soul or neu which is basically how much neutral energy the soul has accumulated through the human experience.

Generally there are 10 levels of spiritual existence as a conscious human entity. The first one is 0 when a new soul is created and impregnated into the physical dimension and the last one is the 9th level. You will learn more about the spiritual levels in the next learning.

Let us stop here for now and reflect on what is shared in this learning and if you have any questions feel free to contact a Neu Yogi or Neu Yogini.

Spiritual Levels


Oh yeah a hot air balloon can only take you as high as it can and then it falls back to earth. It requires far more energy such as the one provided by a rocket to escapes earth’s gravity and reach out into space.

Likewise, following the existing religious and spiritual beliefs all you are doing is reaching a certain level of spiritual enlightenment but you never escape the physical dimension and keep falling back to it.http://neuspirit.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/DSC5883-200x300.jpg

Level 0

When a new soul is formed by the superverse out of nothing, it is at the first energy level also called as Level 0 at which itis completely neutral but has no vibration.  The soul is still and once impregnated into a human body experiments and tries to evolve according to the environment it is in. You are completely at ease with the physical existence and have no curiosity whatsoever and follow everything the environment teaches you.

However, at this level one is not capable of any negative thought or action and thus forms only positive thoughts and actions and thus quickly moves to the next level which is level 1.


Level 1

At this level, you have started vibrating with positive energy accumulated from the previous existence and are more tuned to what is happening around you. And you may start experiencing negative thoughts and actions that lead you to experiment with these and become addicted to it. However, as the soul is still vibrating with positive energy the environment may still be influential in reducing negativity from your soul and a balance is achieved which takes your soul to the next level which is level 2. However if the environment is negative which is rare the soul may fall back to level 1.http://neuspirit.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/124H-300x200.jpg

Level 2http://neuspirit.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/A-mobile-couple-300x300.jpg

This is the level when your soul is focused on creative development and in human form you may experience a great deal of positive experiences and this can generate more positive energy and reduce the negative energy accumulated at level 1.

As a human being you will be very creative or successful in life and be selfless or devoted to what the environment shares with you.

Over all this level is a pleasant experience for the human form and the soul moves to level 3.

Level 3

At this level the soul comes across an environment that is balanced between positive and negative energies and it all depends on the guidance you receive at this level.http://neuspirit.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/file0001826362668-300x225.jpg

Your soul is not capable of awakening at this level and thus dependent on others to raise its vibration to higher level If you fall for the influence of negative entities and energies which means you are not guided in the right way, your soul will start vibrating at lower level generating more negative energy and take you to the next level which is level 4.

If your soul under the influence of positive energy guidance vibrates at a higher level, it skips level 4 and jumps to level 5.

Level 4

This is the most troublesome level for any soul to be in. Personalities such as Hitler and others who performed quite negative thoughts and actions generating such  low vibrations that they remain trapped in this level for a long time to come unable to move to a higher level.http://neuspirit.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/fergusan-300x200.jpg

The only way a soul can escape this level and move to a higher level which is level 5 is if a free spirit offers to reduce their lower vibrations and raise their vibration to higher levels and that depends on the mind of the human body in accepting their mistake and asking for forgiveness.


Level 5

This is what most famous and rich people are at.http://neuspirit.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/file8871263244366-252x300.jpg

There is only success to be experienced at this level but also gives rise to ego that can result in lower vibrations and throw the soul to level 4.

If the human experience is positive and there is less negativity generated at this level, the soul moves on to Level 6.


Level 6

Once a soul is at level 6 it means it is vibrating at a higher level but also it means the human experience is extreme.http://neuspirit.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/shadows-3-600x450-300x225.jpg

The soul is being tested for all kinds of mortal addictions, desires and afflictions. Though the human experience is pleasant at this level, raising of ego is apparent and the soul can fall to lower level 5 or even 4 from here.

However, if the soul manages to connect and awaken at this level it moves on to the next level which is level 7.


Level 7

A soul that is at this level is having higher vibrations and is completely awake but is still entrapped in the illusion of the physical dimension and the environment plays a big role on how it moves on to the next level or falls back to the lower level.http://neuspirit.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/N4-300x225.jpg

The human experience at this level though initially pleasant due to the positive energy passed on from the earlier level, soon a person at this level is attacked and tested by negative energies and forces that can break the connection between the mind and the soul and get it to vibrate at lower levels.

However, the human experience at this level is where it receives the knowledge from the superverse as it is connected to it through its awakened soul follows the teachings and remains neutral. At this stage the human experience can become that of a Neu Yogi or a Neu Yogini and then move on to the next level which is Level 8.

Level 8

This is the toughest part of human experience that a soul has to go through. All the negative energies and forces focus on attacking the environment and the individual concerned testing the soul and the mind to its limit.http://neuspirit.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/buddha-300x225.jpg

However, the soul is already vibrating at a higher level and remains immune to all the suffering caused to the human existence and moves on to the next level. In the rare situation where the soul is attached to a soul at a lower level and under its influence may submit to the negative forces and fall back to level 7 or even lower levels. Otherwise the soul moves on to the next and final level which is level 9.

Level 9

At this level the soul is completely in tune and sync with the superverse and no negative force, entity or energy can pull it down.http://neuspirit.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Shirdi_sai2-228x300.jpg

The human suffering is maximum at this level but the soul is not affected by it and keeps vibrating at higher level remaining completely neutral all through its existence in the physical dimension.

And finally the soul is liberated and becomes a free spirit.  It is the rarest of the rare that a soul at this spiritual level falls to a lower level.

Getting Started


From our experience with neu spiritual practice not everyone has the will or the energy to be completely neutral and rightly so. So it is better to go step by step than just jump into the ocean.

First learn to swim in a pool and then cross the river to be able to finally become a fish in the ocean. So I have created the following practice paths which one may select as per their spiritual level.

Just Awakenhttp://neuspirit.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/smokeyeyes-300x219.jpg

Yes it is imperative that one first wakes up which means to get your soul out of slumber and look up and look around and see whats happening. You may not want to give it all up yet. And just want to take down a certain path that will lead to higher spiritual levels.

There is a sure way to awaken your and that would be to practice 15 minutes of silent meditation everyday.

Avoid a stressful work or family environment. Start looking around you and looking at other people and start talking with  them online or offline. Read a good inspiring book, try to be relaxed as much as possible everyday. Stop thinking what is in the future and start living and enjoying the present.

If you have family and children and spend most of your time on family and work, try and get some time for yourself Start exploring your soul, who you are and what you want to be in life. What is your mission and where you want to be when you leave this life.

Go Neutral

Once you are fully awake and sure where you want to be as you continue to live and be conscious it is time to go neutral which means you have to stop eating meat, stop buying or using things that harm the environment. IF you cannot do without a car, then try and minimize use of the car.http://neuspirit.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/download55-300x200.jpg

Start giving up desires one by one. The lesser ones first and progress to the ones that you most desire. Let you mind not wander in different directions. Focus on being neutral in thought and action. Do not give in to negative emotions so  easily. Such as hate, anger, jealously, sadness, malice, and greed.

Try to silence the mind as much as you can during the day. and if something is bugging you go into silent meditation and after the meditation open your mind and reflect on the thing that is bugging you and you will find the solution.  A neutral solution.

Increase the frequency and duration of silent meditation from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.http://neuspirit.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Geometric-300x171.jpg

Become Nothing

Once you have perfected the art of being neutral in thought and action it is time to let go of everything and become nothing. At this point you may have to give up all your past beliefs, religious or spiritual, attachments, addictions and any other forms of negativity.

You are going to reset and become 0 to become 1 again. So you have to drop the baggage of your past, any guilt or sadness or fear. You should have nothing on your shoulder. Consider you are just born and start living again.  In a neu direction, a neu life. You should have no ego at this stage.

If you have committed some bad in the past and feel repentant then visit spiritual places that draw out these negative energies or have a Neu Yogi or Neu Yogini heal you in removing those energies and release you from your prison.

Once you become nothing remember you cannot go back. Only forward toward a higher spiritual level.To ascend and not descend. So if you are not ready yet then do not jump and remain to be something till you make your choice.

Keep talking to your soul, communicating for the answer, your mind will keep wavering on taking a decision for this.

You will be tested greatly once you become nothing by the source and will need to be perfectly neutral at this stage not even have a single negative thought or emotion or action.  And once you succeed your spiritual level will raise to the 7th level.

Are a Neu Yogi or Yogini

Having become nothing, you can now start practicing neu energy meditation and start attracting neutral energy from the source and empower your own soul as well as that of others in your dimension.  You can now heal yourself and others through your soul energy and also manifest in physical reality wishes of your own and that of others so long as these are not negative.http://neuspirit.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/10313356_1454506704836099_4916613473743613814_n-300x184.jpg

A Neu Yogi or Yogini is selfless in their service and will share their knowledge and use their power without fear or favor and will not be drawn to the mortal allures not will the law of attraction will work for them and they will not be attached to anything physical be it an object or a person.

Their action will be completely neutral and will not be in favor of one or another. Their soul will guide their every thought and action and their mind completely silent when taking a decision.

The  more your meditate, the higher your soul will vibrate and generate positive energy in the dimension.

A Neu Yogi or Yogini will have to endure great deal of suffering at times but their strong neutral energy will neutralize all such suffering and it is possible to channel the energy to reduce all suffering for their self and others around them.

However, if they succumb to mortal desires or attachments, the suffering will become manifold and will help in course correction to return back to neutrality.

Thus on getting started on your neu spiritual journey you have to take the above path based on your present spiritual aptitude.


A lot of the information that you may have come across on neu spirituality may seem like deja vu as something you have known all your life and also prescribed through other spiritual teachings. And I absolutely agree with you on this.

However, what I have prescribed to is not blind faith in what has come through but also tested the thoughts through the lens of science and see if there is evidence of neu spirituality in nature or in scientific theory and also if the manifestations muster scientific evaluation.

And yes, a lot of the thoughts remain in theory but some evidences have come through repeatedly and the existence of neutrinos and other esoteric particles now investigated by scientists give us confidence that what is theory today will become fact of the future.

Not long back was parallel universes and quantum physics as esoteric as neu spirituality but now part of mainstream teachings.

So I am hopeful that what I have come across is not just based on personal faith and reasoning but also have prospect for scientific scrutiny.


Neu – The Spirit Particle



When we look at reality, we look at it from the point of what we see, what we understand and what we feel could be true as a possibility.

However, there is no beginning or end to our existence and for every fraction of a second of our existence there exists infinite existences; as we imagine it to be through our consciousness.

And only until we are conscious and feeling.

The only true existence is of the Neu which is pure energy without form or shape. It is neutral meaning it is neither matter nor anti-matter. Therefore, it is neither created nor destroyed. There is nothing to create or destroy.

Consider for a second, if you did not exist. Then would the sky be blue? Will there be food to eat and life to live! Will there be ego and jealousy, wars to fight and money to make! All this make sense only if you exist and feel conscious.

Thus everything around you exists for you, because of your consciousness.

Thus, the Universe starts existing as also everything in it, the minute your Neu enters the mortal body and starts interacting with your brain, resulting in your conscious feeling.

Some call it the soul. For me soul has religious annotations and more of a spiritual form without any scientific reasoning. The Neu is more apparent as physical particle just like the modern day “neutrino”. All of these are words invented by us. So one has to be careful on what the conscious reality is projecting on us.

The true reality is the existence of a Neu as a physical particle that has almost no mass and hence undetectable by most accounts. Scientists are spending years and a lot of money researching the neutrino. And they are only finding more surprises.

Until we use common sense, the search will never end. For me it is crystal clear. There is a physical particle which we call as the Neu. We can feel it and most people have felt it in different ways. We have also experienced its powers and thus we know that the Neu is no ordinary particle of nature.

It is the carrier of the DNA of our consciousness not just the present but all of the life cycles it has given life to and lived through.

In the beginning there were no individual Neu’s and thus there was no Neu Spirit. There was pure nothingness. The nothingness had no time or boundary and there was no matter. However, nothingness has a spark of neutral energy that gave meaning to its existence. Initially, the spark is infinitesimally small and almost non-existent. But then in an instant, this spark started growing in strength and it grew bigger and bigger (invisible unlike light) and this gave birth to time.

As the spark of nothingness became infinite, it began feeling the force of nothingness pulling it within to contract and this tug of war between the Neu spark and the nothingness lead to the Big Bang that resulted in the creation of matter and light. The creation of matter, lead to fusion and formation of neutrinos that grew in numbers and which in turn started creating other forms of matter bonding the matter into forms such as stars, galaxies and planets.

When life was first formed, the first individual neu was also formed in the same way as the Neu Spark was formed from nothingness, lending consciousness to the living form. Even the smallest living form has a Neu as has the most intelligent one.

There is no size or shape or mass for the Neu and it is pure energy and equal in all living forms. The true power of the Neu; which is equal to the Neu Spark, could be realized by a conscious living being, such as a human being. For most other living beings, including some humans; it is as good as non-existent.

Every time, a Neu enters a living form at the time of conception, a new universe is created for the living being. And though, each one exists in their own universe in their present time space; the conscious mind tricks us into believing otherwise; that we are living in the same time space and the same universe.


The neu is just another particle. My research so far indicates it is akin to the particle that has already been discovered by science, the neutrino.

The neutrino is the only particular that is known to pass through any matter and even when it interacts with another particle, it merely changes into another form. As we look towards the sun, a billion neutrinos pass through our eyes without knowing.

The neutrino is influenced by weak forces and is formed during nuclear reactions specially fusion reaction. The neu can be a neutrino that is independent of time and accumulates or discards energy. As it accumulates energy, its communication power increases and as it discards energy, its communication power decreases. Communication power as in communicates with other neu’s and forms a neu spiritual network.

The combined power of which is infinite and thus enable formation of a universe in an instant or be destroyed in an instant. Shiva’s third eye is an example of what such power entails. Let us restrict to science for now. Scientists are active in using Neutrino energy. And we are only scratching the surface. Countries are investing billions of dollars in searching for these Ghost particles. Why?

We believe the answer is quite simple. If we understand the neutrino and its power, everything becomes much simpler. Yet, we are all searching for something within the boundaries of our self-created universe and there are limitations to what we will find. Because, as we mentioned in the previous chapter, our universe is limited to our conscious existence and is not inter-dependent on the universe created by others. Yet, our neu’s are inter-connected and so long as we form a universe that is filled with dark matter, which is basically neu’s gone dark through our expelling dark energy through dark deeds and actions, there is little chance of locating the Neu Spirit.

As have many learned men have said before, search for the truth within yourself not outside. And that destination cannot be reached through the traditional scientific path but requires us taking a spiritual direction.

My own research on the neutrino and the forces that form the neutrino is described as follows:

“For every infinitesimally small fraction of a second of our present there exists a past and a future both existing at the same time. If one ceases to exist in one, one continues to exist in the other. Thus our consciousness continues in a cycle of life and death ceasing to exist on death in one time space and awaken in another on being reborn in another time space in an instant. Thus as a conscious entity we never cease to exist or die.”

Our soul is nothing but a Neutrino that is bonded with our mortal body to what

We call as a ‘Neu’ and this ‘Neu’ can travel faster than light passing through time and space.

Every living being that has consciousness has a ‘Neu’ or the spiritual Neutrino that keeps it alive. One way to test if a living creature has a consciousness is to detect Neutrinos at the time of its death.

The ‘Neu’ has a spiritual DNA that is carried forward in the cycle of life and death. Only on Moksha is it released from this cycle and in scientific terms

Moksha is imparting higher energy to the ‘Neu’ so it escapes the cycle and there on it can exist in pure spiritual form without needing a body or can also take any form or shape.


When a star dies we see the faster than light Neutrinos emitted on the release of ‘Neu’ from the death of conscious living beings first before the light from the explosion arrives.

The death of a Star is also due to the star core getting converted to Neutrinos as it ages and forms an empty shell inside that finally bursts the star ending its life and releasing a flux of Neutrinos.

Besides Neutrinos being released as a consequence of nuclear fusion, faster than light Neutrinos can also be created through the creation of the Gravitational Electrical Effects force.

Gf = NiA x B x do

Where NiA is the size of the core and the electrical charge, B is the power of magnetic induction generated by the Star’s Gravitational field and do is the Magnetic flux resulting from the electrical charge of its core.

The star’s matter is converted to Neutrinos on the formation of Gf

Neu Energy



What is energy? The scientific description of energy is “Energy is a property of objects, transferable among them via fundamental interactions, which can be converted into different forms but not created or destroyed.”

This description does not make sense at all. At least not to me. How about you? Let me try and describe energy in another way.

Energy is an invisible form of interaction between neu’s that can be positive or negative or simply neutral in charge.


The neu is basically neutral in energy but can be imparted with a positive or negative form. If a neu is negative in inclination then it can attract positive charge and vice-a-versa.

When a neu takes conscious form and gets embedded in the universe it creates, it is neutral to begin with. As the conscious entity takes form, it may attract negative or positive actions or engage in negative or positive actions as a result of which the neu changes from neutral to negative or positive inclination.

By the end of the conscious existence, the resulting energy inclination is passed on to the neu spirit and this goes on and on.

When the neu spirit becomes completely neutral, it escapes the cycle of creation and consciousness and becomes a free spirit.

This stage of existence is called Moksha by some religions or sainthood by others. A neutral neu spirit does not require material existence to be conscious and can transcend time and space.

And some of the neu in us keep focusing on positive energy and others on negative energy eventually leading us to either an existence of heaven or hell.

However, very few are able to focus on the neutral path and attain nirvana, which is true spiritual energy form.

With every existence the neu carries over to the next, the DNA of consciousness as well as the accumulated positive or negative energies.


There is no scientific evidence to prove Moksha. Yet, the reasoning is quite scientific to be explained.

You are neutral energy. And you attract positive or negative energy. And you can attain Moksha in three different ways. By accumulating positive energy through positive actions and spiritual beliefs, you can be pure positive energy form but you will continue to create consciousness and live in Maya.

Likewise with negative energy form. Worship of Satan, negative deeds, etc.

Neu Moksha is attained when you balance out all the negative and positive energies from your neu and get it back to the pure neutral state at the end of your conscious existence. This is easier said than done. As most of us during our conscious existence invariably engage in positive or negative actions and unable to get away from the allure of mortal existence.

To attain Moksha, one has to then follow a neu life or neutral life where nothing in your life makes any difference to your existence. You do not engage in positive spiritual beliefs and actions or negative actions and beliefs.

You do not help others nor take help from others. You have to become indifferent to everything around you. Someone with mortal attachments cannot be indifferent and hence one has to first discard such attachments without attracting negative energy.

For example, you cannot become a hermit by running away from your duties towards those who are dependent on you. If you have a family, you cannot abandon your family. If you are a soldier, you cannot lay down your arms.

Only after you have fulfilled your duties, can you take up the neu path.

Therefore, it is imperative you focus on fulfilling all those responsibilities as early as possible in your mortal existence and this what Gautama Buddha did when he turned 29, after fulfilling his mortal dharma, he relinquished it all and set on the path of neu existence.

Someone like Jesus and Sai Baba did not have any mortal attachments right from the beginning and hence could follow the neu path quite early in their life.

For the average human being, the time to follow the neu path comes quite late in the day and that is because of the roller coaster ride of a life we live. If our life was much simpler, then we would be able to take the path much earlier.

Nevertheless, as the neu carries forward through the next conscious existence the energy accumulated by you or discarded and the level of neutrality from the present, it is imperative we try and live a neutral life as much as we can.

Neu Travel



If you focus only on the physical or mortal world, then you can never travel beyond your imagination. And that can be more fiction than reality.

Therefore engaging in Space Travel means traveling towards what you see or believe exits or imagine to exist together. If Alpha Centauri has habitable planets and people living there, then space travel will take a long time to reach there.

And as you believe in the physics that you have imagined as proposed by Einstein and others, then you may never return home to tell everyone what you found.

Thus the basic premise of space travel is absolutely wrong as it is completely fictitious.


On the other hand as we are energy beings with the neu as our focal particle this means true communication with other energy beings can happen outside of the simulated universe and in energy dimensions.

To be able to do this kind of communication, one will not need a rocket or space ship but to find a way to escape the simulated universe and engage in Neu Travel.

What this means could be many things but from what we understand it means once we are not trapped in the simulated universe, we can be anywhere in any simulated universe or real energy dimension or be able to communicate and feel and touch and relive any experience that is more real than the one we would do simply using Space Travel.


Ancient sages and saints have engaged in Neu Travel and met various other energy entities not in a saucer shaped UFO or a flying chariot but simply by experiencing the neu exiting the simulated material body and then dive into a tunnel.

This kind of Neu Travel generally happens post death for a brief moment but we are not in control of.

The key to Neu Travel is in our understanding of our neu and how to become a Neu Spirit unbound by any simulated universe.

Neu Origins



We are all stars. Always twinkling, sometimes bright sometimes faint. And to some we are near and others afar. We are Neu Spirits. The stars that do not shine but still shine through without light creating consciousness and existence.

For a long time, we wondered how so much life can exist and so many souls. If someone dies, where do they go? Another body! Reincarnate or end up in heaven and hell! Or wander aimlessly as ghosts and spirits creating folklore of paranormal stories.


Everything is expanding, the universe, the stars, life and the stream of consciousness. Where is the singularity? If my soul enters another body in the future, what happened to the soul of the body that I entered? There are a billion living beings in our singular body. Who is keeping count of what happens to them! As human beings we restrict ourselves to only intelligent ones or ones that we are visibly or emotionally impressed. Like pets for example.

We have already created computer games and there is no end to the characters we can create in the gaming universe. So why is it so difficult to understand that what we see through the eyes, imagine through the brain and the being itself is all an imagination, Maya as many religions have already explained and the only real deal is the neu.

When you die, the neu simply reboots and starts anew. You are again born. The same person, the same life unless your neu is brighter which means, the next sequence of your life is much brighter. World War 2 had millions of people killed. How can we hope to have a post war world that is bright and shining? It is not getting better is it! With groups like ISIS running around massacring children and women, the neu has gone dark for most of us.

So, you can create your own universe the day you are born as a conscious being and how your next one shapes into is dependent clearly on what you do until death.


Scientists are now confirming the probable existence of parallel universes which are identical clones.

Trisha LeSage a prominent writer has shared her experiences of traveling between multiple universes so have others.


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Here you get clear pointers as to how to live a neutral life, thoughts on love and God, and the murmurs that have come to us through our soul.


Living the Neu Life


When there is so much faith in God why is there so much hate and violence? It is because our prayers are not being heard by God as we continue to communicate through idols, books and god men. Instead if we communicate through our inner spirit or ‘Neu’ God would get our message crystal clear. Most of us our inner spirit is just there passively keeping us conscious but not able to act in any way.

When you are experiencing the neu life, amazing stuff starts happening around you. Like people are nice and courteous towards you instead of being negative and critical. There is a neu aura around you that attracts others and wants to connect with your neu and bask in its energy. This helps them indirectly and that makes them even more attracted towards you.

The soul is not you in particular it is all one soul only our conscious brain feels it as belonging to an individual. So there is no individual soul in reality through in consciousness there is an individual soul or neu as I call it. Words have no meaning. You, Soul, neu, these are the inventions of humans. make no meaning to other life forms for example. The consciousness also creates a false sense of physical existence when there is none leading to ego.

When there is no me, there is nothing to enjoy or feel or sense though one feels and desires everything. So I am experiencing everything and briefly nothing.

There is the conscious entity that we all call a “Me” that is now engaged here but I am not focused on it now as before. I am just sharing what comes naturally than think using the conscious mind and then write.

For example you can wait for the train to come or the train will come to you. If you wait and it does not come then you will feel frustrated and angry. But if you do not wait or even think the train exists or the destination where the train will take you, then the train will be there exactly when you arrive.

Earlier i used to focus on me as a physical entity conscious about the self and focused on the self. And that caused me anxiety, fear, anger, hate and all other forms of negativity along with desires, love, passion, forms of positivity.

Since my first silent meditation in July 2012 I have experienced the benefiting living the experience of a life of nothing or neutral existence, I feel no anger, no fear, just pure nothingness.

And yet as a conscious entity I get everything without wanting or desires.

Thought there is not much that I want or desire so these may be simple things for a simple life.

I am son or daughter, Father or Mother, Wife or Husband, Friend or Family and so on. For the neu, I am for everyone. We cannot simply focus on the relationships formed as a result of our physical self. Have to awaken and connect with everyone else.


A neu life means loving yourself. Which means taking care of your health and body. So it can support your neu until the end of mortal existence enabling you a sound mind and stress full life.”

The maximum stress is generated when one suffers bad health and this can affect the balance of your neu energy. So it is important to protect your body and mind.

To do this, the best recourse is to follow a natural life.

  1. Our mortal body is naturally tuned to work and be awake during the day and sleep when the sun goes down. So a healthy body requires that one wakes up early at sun rise and goes to sleep early after sun set. This will provide the cells with enough rest and thus gain immunity from diseases.
  2. Eat as much as possible natural food like sun cooked vegetable and fruits and as less as possible cooked food. Sprouts,Tomato, Cucumber, Beetroot, etc are examples of naturally cooked vegetables.
  3. Completely avoid artificial salt and sugar. There is enough salt in natural food such as tomato, lemon, etc. Replace Sugar with Honey.
  4. Water is the ultimate cleanser. Drink a litre of water as soon as you wake up after rinsing your mouth and another litre before breakfast.
  5. Replace Tea or Coffee with Vegetable or Fruit Juice at breakfast.
  6. Avoid using oil and instead use natural replacement such as fresh butter in small quantity.
  7. Exercise before breakfast for atleast 30 minutes. This could also be some form of yoga.

Besides the above engage in neu energy meditation after shower or before you go to bed. This will allow you peaceful sleep and also nourish your neu.

Only a few can dare face their neu and venture out to connect with it. Because you will only face the truth here and the truth is not easy to accept for most of us.

Weekends can be the time to get off the high horse and let go of rules and strictures. For some, it is the right time to meditate but others to indulge in mortal desires.

It is however good if the week starts with meditation to ensure your neu energy is rejuvenated protecting you from the negativity that is already at your doorstep seeking to plunge you into further deprivation.

Yes, like a hangover, some elements of desires will remain but the meditation will ensure it does not over power you.

What does your natural instinct tell you to do when a fly comes buzzing disturbing you at work or otherwise. Most of us think of swatting the fly and killing it.

Without thinking how the fly would feel.

This is the behavior of a person whose neu is not awakened.

And if it is awakened, you can just say to the fly in your mind, “Please do not disturb me” you will see that it will go away. If you have enough time, maybe you can play with the fly and share some of your energy.

Knowledge does not belong to any one person or group, it only belongs to the superverse.

It is like the spiritual version of the Internet where our mind is the browser that can tap into this network if the neu is connected to the spiritual network.

Just like the Internet which has good and bad connections, the spiritual network can lead to negative or positive actions.

However, if you awaken your neu, it is your best teacher and Guru and will connect you in the right direction leading to the truth.

Fill yourself only with love. Do not allow malice enter yourself.

Let go off your ego. But do not follow another one.

Keep your promises to yourself and others.

Listen carefully to those who love you without conditions specially your parents because of whose fusion your ‘Neu’ exists in your mortal body.

Do not do anything that will cause others to develop malice towards you. It is better to say sorry then make others angry.

All the worldly possessions are there as long as you exist mortally and they have no meaning once you leave it. Therefore do not be addicted to what you have. Try to give away as much as you can so when you leave the mortal being, you have given away everything.

Spend the maximum time possible with your loved ones. Every second you spend with them will only energize your ‘Neu”s protecting you from all kinds of negativity. Likewise spending all your time with people who have no ‘Neu’-ral connection with you does not make sense.

At every stage of your life, live it fully. If you are a student, study. If you are a teacher, teach. If you are a doctor, cure. If you are a soldier, protect and defend (not attack). Do what your ‘Neu’ tells you.

Meditate as much as possible every day. Meditation is like switching on your ‘Neu’ and communicating with it more directly and passing on your wishes or prayers to the rest of the supernatural realm which is basically a web of ‘Neu’-ral energy. And your wishes and prayers will be answered.

If you believe in positive energy which I mainly attribute to God and good Spirits such as angels and saints, then you have to always do positive things in life. If you do anything negative, then you will be in the grip of evil. And your ‘Neu’ will on death be darker and face a life that is much darker than the one before.

If you believe in the negative energy which I mainly attribute to Tantra and Devil Worship and other forms of beliefs, then your ‘Neu’ is already a dark black hole that can only suck others into itself. What you sow you reap. If you live the life of a snake, you will become a snake the next time around.

If someone promises nirvana for a fee, consider you are taken for a ride. Nirvana does not come in a gift wrapped box.

Through ‘Neu’ meditation you can be your own Godman or Godwoman.

Everything starts with nothing and an end with nothing so whatever you do is all comes down to nothing.

Only the ‘Neu’ is immortal and in existence and a beacon in the emptiness.

If you are addicted to something, the best way to get de -addicted is through meditation.

How can we change the world around us? Or can we!

When people throw garbage on your front lawn, you get angry and want to throw back the garbage back on them. But does it solve the problem!

Why is there garbage in the first place! Have you thought about that?

It is primarily because we accumulate things that we do not need after sometime or we waste more than we consume.

If we lived a simpler life where we eat more natural food and less from the supermarket, there would be less of garbage around us.

So can we get everyone to stop wasting food and everything else that we feel is in abundance but not necessarily so.

The conventional answer is no. We can change ourselves but we cannot change others and their habits.

The ‘Neu’ answer is yes. Through meditation, we can change the minds and thinking and attitude and habits of people around us. After meditation, wish for a cleaner and more beautiful environment and see how the environment around you changes.

‘Neu’ Meditation is that powerful. It not only changes you but also others if you want to. Be it your friends, your family, your colleagues, your boss, your company, you country, the world.

But first you need to change yourself and be in tune with your ‘Neu’ .

And changing yourself and meditating is the most difficult to do. You may do it once or once in a while but that change is not permanent and your meditation will not have any effect on others around you.

Can you give up eating meat? Can you stop drinking and smoking or say no to drugs!

Can you refrain from promiscuous sex and engage only in love making? Can you claim to have done one thing in the mortal world that changes the life of someone else through your mortal actions? Can you stop getting angry and jealous!

If you can do all of that and more, then even few minutes of meditation can change the world around you

Neu Thoughts

What can you give up when you have nothing?

When you started living no one told you are in Hell and that you have to work hard to make it like heaven for yourself and those around you.

I am trapped in Maya. But I cannot but love everyone in it.

If you believe in something then you elude nothing.

No one can tell anyone what to believe in. Whatever you believe in it all leads to nothing. The true believer is one who believes in nothing.

I cannot teach and you cannot learn because you are already learned and yet unaware of your non-existence.

Every second is equal to the age of an entire universe. So do not waste that second.

Why do you feel empty inside? Because, you have not yet found yourself.

Tantra and Mantra are two sides of the same coin. Learn to live without them and you will find your inner self.

There is nothing to gain only to lose something in this mortal world. So better start giving than taking. You will then attain Moksha without doing anything.

When you cry for something you lost remember you did not have it forever. So laugh , not cry because you will have it again and again.

All of us are trapped in an endless cycle of Life and Death and the only way to get out of this Cycle is by attaining Moksha of your inner spirit or what I call as the ‘Neu’.

If you believe in God you have to have great patience as God can hear you only if you have true faith. Your ‘Neu’ is right inside of your mortal body. You can communicate with it at will without fear or favor anytime.

Love your Body, but Love your neu more because your body may be gone someday, the neu is never gone.

When you are living a neu life you do not have to find your destination. The destination comes to you.

Loves is the most potent positive force and hate the most negative. All other positive and negative forces arise from these two. A true neu spirit will keep the distance from both.

Pictures and words touch the senses, meditation touches the spirit and connects your neu with others.

When you live the neu life, you have to do nothing, as everything happens on its own without you asking or wishing or praying.

If you are addicted to something, you will achieve nothing. If you are addicted to nothing, then you will achieve something.

When you are not awake, your neu wakes up.

Who are you? You are nothing so there is nothing to know about you. I have become nothing so I do not need a picture. A picture may attract negative or positive energy. I want neither.

When there is no me, there is nothing to enjoy or feel or sense though one feels and desires everything. So I am experiencing everything and briefly nothing.

Having a bath or shower only purifies your body. What you do after that purifies your neu.

When surrounded by desires, resist the action but not the thought.

Why look to others, when the teacher is within you! Opening your inner eye is the key to eternal wisdom.

If you hurt yourself, by eating the wrong things, then you will have no concern for those around you as well.

When you project yourself in front of others around you, it strengthens your ego. When you do it without their knowing it energizes your neu.

Your body is a like an empty space. Fill it with love, it will become a bed of roses, fill it with hate, it will become a bed of thorns.

Neu Wisdom

“The ‘Neu’ or the soul or the inner self as many of say, is a spiritual particle that is in sync with all the other spiritual particles in not only the present universe by also the infinite other universes in the infinite time and space that exists in the past and the future at the same time.”

I call it this the Supernatural ‘Neu’ .

If we are able to awaken the ‘Neu’ inside us we can be connected to and benefit from the energy of the Supernatural ‘Neu’ that is the sum of all the spiritual Neutrinos and its energy.

As shown in the previous documentaries I posted on the Neutrinos, the Neutrino and the ‘Neu’ has no positive or negative charges

This means if you are able to tap into the power of the ‘Neu’ within you your spirit and body cannot be influenced by the other positive and negative forces which also exist

“Who are our family? What is their connection to us? Why we feel so close to them as compared to other people. This also includes close friends and loved ones. What is Love? I have been thinking of all of this and I think I have the answer.”

When people love each other be it family or otherwise, our ‘Neu’ spins at the same frequency and this creates the feeling of love for one another.

Modern life is not easy unless one becomes a Sanyasi and forsakes the mortal world and its trappings. If one has a family, there are responsibilities that one has to bear. Be it caring for your parents or your loved ones.

These mortal bearings sometimes lead you astray lea ding to mortal actions that darken your ‘Neu’.

Then one seeks solace in God and religion or other forms of beliefs to protect oneself and the loved ones from the negativity inside of you.

But God can only protect you from the negativity that is outside of you not the one you develop inside.

The more your ‘Neu’ darkens, the less God can help you in both your mortal and spiritual life.

If one follows the path of positive energy or God, then one has to do only positive things in life. If you undertake negative actions then you would soon find yourself in the embrace of evil.

This can be avoided completely by embracing the ‘Neu’ way of life something that I have already embraced. Once your ‘Neu’ is sufficiently awakened then all one has to do is meditate and the universe around you changes in such a way that you become immune from all the negativity around you.

The radiance of the ‘Neu’ will only attract positive forces as it becomes brighter and brighter and eventually leading to Moksha.

For example when a house is constructed it leads to harming many living beings including trees. Yes you provide your family with a nice home but it is built on negative actions that we do not feel because our ‘Neu’ has become so passive and there is no feeling for anything that is around us.

There is too much of disinformation out there. There is no way of knowing the right and the wrong except by asking the ‘Neu’. Today I will share with you what the ‘Neu’ says about Life and Death.

As I wrote this a little later I came to know a person in my neighborhood passed away.

Giving birth is the most beautiful experience and watching someone die is the most painful. What is the difference!

When a child is born, we see before our eyes a new mortal conscious being with a ‘Neu’ entering our life. However, we do not know yet how long this child will live and if it will be a good person. Yet we accept the innocence of a new born. If the new born is our own blood or family a connection or bond is formed. We feel it in our heart as it pumps faster on merely looking at it. And if the baby suffers or cries, we fail pain.

Yet, we do not feel the consciousness of the newborn as we feel our own. Once out of sight, we stop thinking of him or her or when we are asleep.

In Taoist Yoga, this divine energy is called “heavenki”. In Kaballah, this is called the “pillar of light”, referring to what clairvoyants literally see as a pillar of light. The Indian yogis call this pillar of light as the spiritual bridge of light or “antahkarana”. The Christians call this the “descent of the Holy Spirit” which is symbolized by a pillar of light with a descending dove. In Christian art, this is shown in pictures of Jesus of the saints having a pillar of white light on top of their heads with a descending white dove.

This is to symbolize the coming down of divine energy. Spiritual aspirants who have practiced this meditation for some time may experience being enveloped by dazzling, sometimes blinding light or his head filled with dazzling light. This has been a common experience among advanced yogis and saints of all religions. If you study the holy scriptures of different religions, you will notice the similarity in their experiences.

– Excerpt from Miracles Through Pranic Healing, by Master Choa Kok Sui

The difference between what the ancient teachings say (very close to the ‘Neu’ ) and what I get from the ‘Neu’ is the science behind it.

So getting back to life and birth, we all know now that Neutrinos are a byproduct of fusion reaction.

When living beings conceive it is kind of a fusion reaction as well. And the ‘Neu’ for the new born is thus released as well. Remember the ‘Neu’ is not created but it comes from another space time dimension where your mortal body ceased to exist.

As the mortal body is almost non-existence during conception, the ‘Neu’ resides inside the mother and forms a bond with her own ‘Neu’ that last forever. When the child is born, other family members give strength to the new born ‘Neu’ through the true love shown towards the ‘Neu’ born.

Many children are born with deformities or do not see the light of the day due to the frail mortal body of the mother or because of her illness or the conception having not being formed in whole. These children have a ‘Neu’ which is almost near Moksha and near the end of their mortal existence. This however does not apply to those taking their own lives.

Two of my close family members did not live a full life. I believe they have attained Moksha and no longer need a mortal body.

At the time of birth the ‘Neu’ is radiant and hence very energetic. As it gets older it gets influenced by the mortal trappings and the ‘Neu’ gets weaker by each passing day and remains strong only if the environment the child lives in is full of love for the self and others. If someone says you are childish accept that as a compliment. This means your ‘Neu’ is brighter and more energetic.

As we grow older it is difficult to focus on the ‘Neu’ inside of us and we focus more on our mortal body the outer beauty and intellectual pursuits and the lifestyle we love so much. As long as our heart is pure and we only have love for self and others then you need not worry. It is only when malice and ego takes over our mortal life is when one starts feeling as if we have lost something. We become more and lonelier as our ‘Neu’ becomes darker as time goes by.

We are then forced to take refuge in religion or yoga or other forms of beliefs to keep the connection with our ‘Neu’ alive. These connections are frail and not permanent and we keep searching for a permanent solution. Which we could easily find if we real look at the right place.

In between the mortal body goes through physical and psychological suffering be it internal or external.

These sufferings are caused primarily because we live in a society filled with darkness.

Where our ‘Neu’ has gone dark.

Rejoice when the mortal end is near as you now have another chance at redemption if you have not lived a ‘Neu’ life.

Yes. If someone is dying do not cry but be happy that the ‘Neu’ will now pass on to another life where it will have another chance towards attaining Moksha.

Yes, we will miss the person on death, but do we miss someone before he or she is born! So why should we after death. Instead focus on your life, your ‘Neu’ and ensure that you do all to brighten it and also help others.

About Love

Why do love so much about LOVE. This include myself. I use the word love a lot even though I know I am much beyond love.

If someone posts about love, you would find the maximum comments because people love to be loved.

But then is it not that your hidden EGO crying out for attention.

If one does not have an EGO would it expect or demand or search or earn for LOVE?

And when we receive LOVE we feel so delighted, recognized for who we are or what we believe in or what we want.

It is exhilarating when one receives LOVE like no other feeling. But have you asked where does it lead?

Does it lead to something everlasting. LOVE is never ever lasting. It is temporary feeling that we want it to last forever and there lies its fall.

When we do not receive LOVE we feel disappointed in ourselves as something wrong with us and as unable to attract LOVE.

Mostly LOVE is formed through physical affection or intimacy.

How would you LOVE someone you never seen or met and not even seen a picture. Just words. And then when you find out it is some pervert lurking behind a keyboard would you still feel about the LOVE the same way?

LOVE is highly overrated. Do you first LOVE yourself? Your Soul? If yes, what do you do to express your love for yourself. Do you stop punishing your body by stuffing it with all the wrong things in life. Can you stop feeding it poison though various means. No. You LOVE the things that life offers. Be it a luxury car that pollutes and destroys everything else in its path or an iPhone that may be spreading poison among the workers in China.

And you could never LOVE them because you do not see them.

Thus LOVE without awakening of the soul is meaningless.

And when you awaken, you will find you do not seek LOVE but only share LOVE.

About God

For a long time I questioned the existence of God as a spiritual entity as my scientific mind could not accept the fact that while people in the world needlessly suffer, why does God watch in silence.

Having said this, I have experienced God in many ways. Like the many times I was saved just by miracle. If not for God, I would probably not be here.

A close relative of my family had a head on crash with a Truck and though the car was smashed beyond recognition, not much of a scratch on anyone inside as also the Ganesha statue on the front panel.

So yes, after my spiritual awakening I came to the realization that God does exist. And God is positive energy from a scientific perspective. People manifest God in many ways through their beliefs and faith.

When you Pray to God, your universe is filled with positive vibrations as a result of which positive things start happening around you.

However, to benefit from the energy of God, one has to always remain positive and do positive things in life. Any negative action can attract negative energy towards you.

So there is no single or multiple entities that can be called as God who can intervene in times of crisis and the only way that crisis can be averted is by the collective prayer and positive actions of individuals.

And your soul through the influence of positive energy of God can unfold a universe that is what is perceived to be heaven.

And yet, I have realized that God or Positive energy is there for us to help us traverse through the journey of life and death and the true God is within us which is not sufficiently awakened and if awakened, we would not need religion or faith, temples or churches, idols or holy books.

There have been also the manifestation of God through human existence such as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Sai Baba and many others. They have appeared in our reality through our conscious empowerment of the need to see God in a form we can understand. And sometimes their appearance could happen through external intervention that I call as energy beings while others would probably call as extra-terrestrial beings.

The most recently scientific study conducted by the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (<a href=”http://experiencer.org/” target=”_blank”>FREE</a> ) suggests that a majority of people encountered Energy Beings rather than humanoid creatures.

To manifest positive energy as a supernatural experience the neu or soul has to be sufficiently awakened and vibrating with a positive spin, having no negative spin.

As our mortal body comes into existence and the neu or soul is created as is the consciousness, a universe is also formed for each one of us individually with many things manifested at the time of birth. So if you are born in a family who are very religious, your soul or neu is entrapped in a positive energy cloud right at the time of birth.

Thus one is forced to ignore the call of the soul to awaken and instead depend on the positive energy to pull you through the ups and downs of your physical existence.

It is the very few who are able to attain self-realization and awaken their neu and manifest their own energy.

Besides God, there are other supernatural entities such as Spirits, Angels, Ghosts, Demons, Fairies, ETs, and so on.

In my entire life I have not come across any single instance of any of the above.

Yes, I have to admit, I have experienced the spirit of Krishna, Shirdi Sai, Ganesha.  Except for Ganesha who is considered a divine entity, Krishna and Sai had taken Human form.

Ganesha is the ultimate source of positive energy and attracting him to you means attracting positive energy in your mortal life. Let me give you an  incident that happened in my own life early on when I was struggling to get my first career break after completing my studies.

I kept on applying but there was no reply and I got quite frustrated. I was an atheist and did not pray to God or go to temples to get things my way. I would argue why I should need help from an external source when I am a positive person myself.

However, I did not realize then that by eating meat (animals being slaughtered for the purpose) and so many other negative things, I was not purely positive and also attracted negative energies in my life.

But I listened to my mother after much coaxing and visited the Sidhivinayak Temple in Mumbai and prayed to Lord Ganesha that I get my first break. And then as I returned home, I had the call letter from one of Mumbai’s Top Real Estate Company to join their team.

This provided much needed evidence for me that God exists.

So there after I started praying and things were happening for me. I did very well in my career and went on to be CEO of a start-up that took my career to heights I had never imagined ever.

However with the blessings from God also attracted a lot of negativity. Though I had given up eating meat and harming other living creatures, I had developed other vices. And developed a huge EGO as a result of reaching the position I had through my efforts.

And then my world came crashing down to the point it seemed that my life would end.

When this happens, God or Positive energy cannot be of any help. No amount of prayers will heal.

In fact one can fall into the trap of negative forms of energy sources such as Shani and Rahu if you believe in God, then they also exist. And this is what happened to me too. Once I had almost life threatening accident. My children started suffering as a consequence and I was at my wits ends what to do? Ganesha, Hanuman nothing was helping me. I had to offer prayers to Shani and he too could not help.

So the reason for sharing this is that if you create a cloud of positive energy around your soul, it will benefit you no doubt but sooner or later a negative cloud also emerges around your soul and only few are able to overcome that and not let the EGO form.

And then everything else start materializing. Ghosts, Demons, Fairies, ETs, etc.

For me at that  point of life, whatever I think or say, exactly the opposite would happen.

I did not encounter any of the other entities but my life was upside down anyway.

Having explained all this, not everything else is as explained above. There are many who were mortal beings and through Moksha or enlightenment have escaped the cycle of life and death and now become neu spirits or free spirits.

These are benevolent spirits and can guide and help you overcome the negative cloud around the soul and lead you to the right direction in life.

One such neu spirit which saved my life was the spirit of Shirdi Sai Baba. Whereas Ganesha or any other God or Goddesses are energy sources, neu spirits are not energy sources but energy beings. This means they are conscious entities without the need to have a body or form or shape to exist. They can be anything and anywhere.

Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Sai, Saints, Angels and others are all neu spirits or energy beings. I am only mentioning these as I know about them. But there are other ET neu spirits as well which others have had an experience with.

These neu spirits are neutral in energy and thus can offer to get rid of any negative energy surrounding your soul.

Likewise, there are some dark spirits which were mortal beings and through dark practices such as voodoo and other similar practices have been able to exist the cycle of life and death and become free just like the neu spirits. These can also help a mortal being to get rid of their problems in life but it is like walking into their trap.

While neu spirits do not expect anything in return from you as they are neutral in state, the dark spirits expect you to become more negative and feed on your negativity to increase their own power and influence in the superverse. They spread fear, malice, anger, and all other forms of negative feelings. Once you have a huge EGO, you could very well succumb to one of these dark spirits. Some of these could be ET type such as Reptilians.

Initially it would be a good feeling to be able to achieve money, fame and power. But the expense of eventually destroying you soul. Not that the soul can ever be destroyed. Destroyed in the sense it can never reach its original neutral state and may take many many life times for that.

Your soul’s neutral energy will be sucked in by these dark spirits as they form a dark cloud around your soul.

So it is important for every mortal being to awaken and connect to their soul and then engage in neu energy meditation to empower it with neutral energy.


After starting to live the Neu Life, one can start practicing Neu Energy Meditation which is a powerful meditation practice that can bring about  changes in your future life experience as well that of others.

It is a practical way to provide food to your soul and energize it with neutral energy.

Neu Energy meditation also protects you and your loved ones from negative energies and influences so that you can live the Neu Life and yet have positive things happening around you.

The meditation practice connects you with others in a soul to soul communication and enabling sharing of energy between souls.

If someone is going through a difficult period or facing a problem through Neu Energy meditation focused on the person can help transfer your neutral energy to that person and thus bring about positive change in the life of that person.

There is no ME when living the Neu Life or practicing Neu Energy meditation.

There is nothing that you are doing. So there is no need to gloat or boast of your experiences as it can be self-defeating and reduce your own neutral energy and thus your power to share.

Having such a perfect day is possible only when you are working from home or your own office and you have privacy as well as co-operation of the people around you specially your family.

The neu spiritual practice forbids:

  1. Use the Knowledge or the Practice for any kind of favor.
  1. Earn Royalty by writing about it or spreading the knowledge.
  1. Start a group or community.
  1. Use the practice to attain fame or recognition.
  1. Engage in Negative action for self or on behalf of someone else.

Those who break the above conditions  will lose all the energy that they have gained since they started practicing Neu Life.

This means they would no longer be able to heal themselves or others as they would not have any energy. That is what happens to most healers when they turn their spiritual practice into a business.

Trust and Honesty is key in the healing process. If someone lies or cheats then healing will not happen.

If both of healer and the one to be healed do not follow the rules of the healing engagement, then healing will not happen.

As an example, the healer will need to restrict themselves from over eating, not engage in any pleasurable activity on the day of meditation for the healing to happen. Likewise, the person to be healed will need to also do the same on the day of meditation for him or her to be healed.

One need not be physically present near a person or touch a person to heal the person. The healing can happen remotely. All one need is a picture and name and permission from the one to be healed or a close friend or relative.

Rules of Healing

Following are the rules that both the healer and the person to be healed has to follow strictly:


The “neu energy” meditation is a very powerful and intense meditation technique that cannot be shared here as one has to first practice the “neu life” as explained in the following lessons.

  1. You cannot do this mediation in the open. You can do it in front of others who believe in the ‘Neu’ but not in front of non- believers. This should remain a very personal and private experience. Only to be shared with your soul mate one who believes in you completely and also believes in the ‘Neu’ spirit.
  2. The meditation cannot be disturbed and has to be done in complete silence. Not even a pin drop or feeling cold or any other sensation that can disturb you. Best would be to immerse yourself in spiritual music using your ear buds.
  3. You cannot eat meat nor do any negative things the day you plan to meditate.
  4. You cannot have a heavy meal and then meditate. Keep a gap of 2-3 hours. You can have water.
  5. You cannot tell someone you are meditating or post it on the Internet.
  6. You cannot charge other people by teaching this meditation or using its energy for benefit of other people. Basically you cannot become a preacher and make money being one.
  7. You cannot misuse the powers of this meditation in anyway.
  8. Never do the meditation in front of children. If you have children and pets in your house then you need to keep them away when meditating as anyone who disturbs the meditation can receive negative energy that can harm them physically.
  9. You cannot follow other spiritual or religious beliefs and benefit from the ‘Neu’ energy. Therefore do not meditate on religious days and festivals when the positive forces are very high and could interfere with your meditation. Once you follow this spirituality you have to let go off all the others.
  10. You can meditate as much as you want but each cycle of steps has to complete without disturbance either external or in the mind. Otherwise that cycle is not complete and you have to do it again. Even if you do one complete cycle it is good enough. If your mind is stressful do not meditate. Do it another day.
  11. You need not mediate every day. But during the period of non-meditation you have to live the ‘Neu’ way of life that is avoid doing anything negative things however small or frivolous it may seem. If you did something wrong, meditate the next day not the same day. Your ‘Neu’ energy will bounce back.
  12. You can be angry or shout or swear at others on the day of meditation.
  13. On the day of the meditation one should not deal in money and not have sex or engage in any activity that is stressful or consume energy or disturb or distract your mind.

With each meditation, your ‘Neu’ brightens up as it captures the energy from the supernatural ‘Neu’. But when you do negative things or cause harm to other people or do something vice, the ‘Neu’ darkens and energy is lost.

I would not like to describe the power of the neu energy. You will experience it and know it. Be humble and keep it to yourself what you experienced.

Meditation Steps and Meaning

Step 1: Let go the ego, become nothing.

Start by sitting with your head bowed as shown in the first picture but with your hands stretched out shown in second one.

Step 1 Be Humble. Let Go of your EGO

Step 1: Be humble Let go of EGO
Step 2 : Embrace your ‘Neu’.

Hug yourself tightly as you would hug someone you love a lot. This means you would not do anything negative that would harm your body or soul. Make your wish each time you grip yourself. Then Let go and then repeat.








Step 3 : Move towards the Source

Fly towards the ‘Neu’ Source, leave behind the past. Spread your hands in the form of a bird and fly higher. Take your stomach in and stomach out as you move the hands up and down.


Step 4: Invite the Neu Energy inside you.

image005Place your hands in this position first.

Then, move the hands away, as if you are dividing your body into two halves and invite the ‘Neu’ Energy inside you. Keep your Head up and your mouth open when doing this. Breathe in Breath out. Repeat this step three times.


Step 5: Spread the ‘Neu’ energy all over you.

 Slowly, move both your hands all over your body from your shoulders to your feet.


Step 6: Pull in the Energy from the Physical world.

Get back to yogic position as in step 1 and move your hands with your wrist on the knee forward and back like in a trance. Be careful with this step. If there is too much of negative energy around you then do not perform this step.


Step 7: Make your Wish.

Close your fist and then make your wish. After making all your wishes do a Namaste with the hands at the center and relax and then end the meditation.